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What is the “stc Game” promotion?
The “stc Game” promotion introduces a new stc Quiz Game, in which participants will have the opportunity to win amazing prizes every week. By answering trivia quiz questions, they will also receive extra points for the Quiz Game’s draws with each answer they provide.
What are the prizes?
Every week a check of $3,000 is offered.
How many prizes does this promotion give?
The total prizes are 13! A check of $3,000 is offered every Saturday.
How many prizes can a participant win?
The participants can win maximum 1 weekly prize during the whole duration of the promotion.
Where can I find information about the winners?
All information you need about the “stc Game” promotion and the winners is available on the stc website:
Do I receive the prize immediately?
The prizes will be delivered within 10 working days by stc from the day the winner is contacted. Winners will be notified by stc or provider representative via phone call to their MSISDN number used to participate in the promotion.
Are the prizes transferable?
How and where do I claim my prize?
We will get in touch with you if you are the winner of any of the prizes and inform you where and how you will receive your prize.
Do I need to claim the prize immediately after I win?
If you win, you will be contacted by us and informed about the exact procedure. Don’t worry! Just keep your mobile phone open at all times!
Who can win the weekly prize?
The weekly prizes of Saturday will be given away via random draw. A randomly selected participant during each weekly period (Sunday to Saturday) will win the weekly prize.
What is the duration of the promotion?
The promotion starts on the 1st of March 2021 at 00:00:01 and ends on the 30th of May 2021 at 23:59:59. The total duration of the promotion is 91 days!
How will I enter the promotion?
You can send “1” to 55500.
How can I be informed about the points I have gathered?
You can send 'balance' or 'نقاط' to 55501 (free of charge).
Which keyword can I send to opt-out?
You can send 0 to 55500 (free of charge).
If I win, how will I be informed?
The winner will be contacted by stc.
What if I am not in town to collect the prize?
You will need to collect your prize within 30 days from being notified that you are a winner.
I am not a subscriber of stc, can I participate?
Unfortunately, no. But if you wish you can get a prepaid stc card and enter the promotion by sending “1” to 55500.
What is the keyword to participate?
You can send “1” to 55500 in order to participate in the promotion.
I have received a SMS that says: Surprise! Bonus Period! Win XXX points.
This means that you have entered a bonus phase where you can earn more than the usual given points. Every time that you enter such a period, you will receive a message informing you about this period and the points you get. Do not worry, it is easy! You always answer questions or just send SMS to 55501 on all bonus phases!
How many points do I earn for every question that I answer?
If you answer the question correctly, you get at least 1000 points. If you give a wrong or invalid (other than 1 or 2) answer, you get 500 points. But during the promotion, there are many bonus phases which give you much more than 1000 points. Send more SMS to discover them.
Who CANNOT participate in the promotion and win the prizes?
The whole personnel and trainees of stc Kuwait and their direct relatives, all the employees of companies which cooperate with stc Kuwait for the promotion.
Is there a limit as to the number of SMS I have to send?
Yes, you can reply up to 30 questions per day.
If I answer wrong to questions, do I get points?
Yes, you get points. For each wrong answer you get at least 500 points meaning 500 more chances for the draws.
I receive different amount of points in different questions. What happened? Is this a mistake of the system or something else?
You don’t have to worry about this. The promotion includes some bonus phases where the participants win more points than the normal flow. Each time you enter such a phase, you receive a message explaining how the bonus phase works. Please check your SMS inbox to find this message.
What is the cost of every SMS that I am sending to 55501?
Free of Charge
Do I pay for the SMS I get back?
No, they are free of charge.
What is the call center number?
For any questions you may have for the promotion, please call 102.